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What Queer Eye Teaches Me about Financial Planning

Some may consider Queer Eye to be a superficial makeover show, but I am inspired by how the Fab Five open up genuine conversations with heroes who are very different from them, and encourage heroes to change positively in a way that is still authentic to their personality. A relationship between a financial advisor and a client needs to be as open, authentic, and fun as what we see on Queer Eye. How? Here is what I learn from each of the Fab Five.
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Financial Intimacy in the World of Dating Apps

Thanks to dating apps and websites, finding Mr. Right has gotten very similar to finding a new job or the best new restaurant to go to. The opportunity to meet new people and build a relationship is fun and exciting. But how do you get intimate about finances with a significant other you and your significant other met through a dating app? INTIMATE is a strong word, but it can be awkward and difficult to talk about finances with your partner regardless of how you met. Many times, it is
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Role Reversal - How Young Professionals Are Taking Care of Their Parents

In May, I attended a women’s conference with our COO – who also happens to be my mother. I took care of our registration and parking, decided what sessions we should go to, made sure we got there on time, and as we walked into the conference, I helped my mom put on her sweater. In that moment, she stopped, looked at me, and said, “My, how the roles have changed. It was only yesterday when I was taking care of you, and now, you are taking
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Most of us know not to save our money under the mattress; and I mean in the literal sense. Even though we are aware of this, I notice that many of my new clients do just that without even realizing it.It starts when clients initially save a little bit of money every month towards their emergency fund.First, let’s establish what an emergency fund is. It’s the pool of money for you to easily tap into in desperate times. Think of it
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I recently heard that cash is no longer king, it is all about your credit now. I find that in some ways, that is true! Think about how much we rely on our credit card and our credit score for our purchasing power.That said, I decided to focus this quarter's Moola and Mimosas on CREDIT 101. Moola and Mimosas is an open community for driven young professional women to talk about personal finance and how we can manage our money wisely to help achieve our life goals. It starts with a...
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