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Our Services

At Jaykay Wealth Advisors, Inc., we are dedicated to helping our clients reach their financial goals through comprehensive financial planning. With our expertise as CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ practitioners and over 30 years of experience, we provide clients with very personal, detailed counseling about their ability to plan for what is most important to them in their life. Then we build and implement cohesive financial plans that integrate retirement income planning, investment management, tax planning, risk management, and estate planning – all while maintaining focus on our clients’ needs, priorities, and long-term goals.  

We take pride in developing long-term relationships with our clients, so that we can continuously be a resource and support through their lives. Thus, our financial plans are meant to be dynamic, and we proactively update and monitor the various components of the plan with our clients as their lives change. Our holistic understanding of our clients’ lives and finances better enable us to provide appropriate (and even creative!) solutions and recommendations for our clients when important financial decisions come up.

Retirement Income and Distribution Planning

Depending on our clients’ stage in life, there are a variety of questions that they may have regarding saving for retirement and other major financial goals, and then later on in life, when our clients are ready to take distributions and use those funds. We help put structure around saving and distributions while keeping an eye on the tax impact.

 A few of the many questions we help answer for our clients who are building their wealth–

  • How do I manage my debt while preparing for retirement?
  • As we begin a family, what are my options for saving for my children’s college education?

Other questions we help answer for our clients who are in retirement or preparing for retirement –

  • Do I have enough money to live on after I retire?
  • Once I retire, how do I roll over my assets to an IRA and where do I draw the retirement income from?
  • Should I convert my IRAs to Roth IRAs and when should I convert?

Asset Management

We design portfolios that are appropriate for our clients’ goals, time horizon and the risk that they are prepared to assume. We feel that risk mitigation and conservation is as important as the growth of our clients’ assets, so we follow a disciplined and systematic approach for developing the asset allocation and managing the investments for the long-term.

Tax Reduction Strategies

We make sure that our clients take advantage of all the legally-available avenues for tax reduction such as deductions, contributions to qualified plans, net unrealized appreciation for employee stock plans, loss harvesting and gain/loss offsets in investments. Additionally, we work with our clients’ tax and legal advisors to coordinate their plans.

Risk Management

Our financial plans are built on the foundation of proper risk management through life insurance, disability insurance and long-term care insurance. As independent advisors not tied to any company, we are able to evaluate and offer a variety of products, so our clients’ families are protected with the type and amount of insurance appropriate for their lifestyle. In the unfortunate circumstance when the insurance benefit is claimed, we work closely with the beneficiaries to help them carefully manage the proceeds.

Estate Planning and Asset Protection Strategies

Our goal with estate planning and asset protection are -

  • To address issues of decision-making in the event of illness and emergencies
  • To help our clients protect their assets while they are living, through the use of various asset protection strategies such as trusts
  • To help ensure that our clients’ legacy is passed on to the people they love in the least expensive but most tax effective manner

We work with our network of board-certified estate planning attorneys to draft the appropriate legal documents. When a family loses a spouse, we actively work with the surviving spouse on the smooth transfer and management of financial assets. 

Charitable Planning

For some of our affluent clients, helping the less fortunate and less privileged in society becomes their life goal and a passion. It becomes a call of duty for some of our clients to go beyond the transfer of assets to children and grandchildren. We help those clients consider tax favored charitable-giving options available such as private foundations, remainder trusts and donor advised funds.

Simplify your life

Our Wealth Management Software provides comprehensive financial planning solutions to select clients. Our goal is to simplify our clients’ lives and deliver exceptional service to our clients. Our wealth management software allows clients to - 

  • Access their financial plan and all of their accounts online with one point entry
  • Consolidate their accounts and aggregate it into their financial plan
  • Upload legal and tax documents to an electronic locker, so it is accessible from any computer
  • Grant limited access to our clients’ attorney, CPA, trustees, and proxies