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Veronica Abu-Lail

Veronica Abu-Lail

Client Relations Manager

Veronica is the firm’s dedicated Client Relations Manager, ensuring top-notch service for clients. Her role involves coordinating meetings with clients and the JKWA team, organizing delightful events for families, and overseeing efficient office administration.

Veronica has a decade of customer service expertise primarily in luxury retail. Her experience as a store manager for Giorgio Armani reflects her commitment to fostering strong client relationships. At Giorgio Armani, she thrived on creating a sense of family for clients and staff alike. Veronica’s journey from luxury retail to financial services was driven by her passion for building meaningful connections. Now, as a Client Relations Manager, her goal is to ensure clients feel secure, comfortable and part of the JKWA family for years to come.

Veronica’s diverse background – with a mother from Oaxaca, Mexico and her father from Zarqa, Jordan adds a rich cultural tapestry to her life. While her immediate family is small, she cherishes her friends in Texas who have become an extension of her family. In her free time, Veronica immerses herself in creating memories with friends and exploring local events in the vibrant Houston area.